As a member of the National Association of Health Underwriters, I have recently received this briefing from the NAHU and would like to share it with all of our valued sales associates as the issues presented here affect our industry and our businesses. We will continue to keep you informed as to the important issues and challenges facing our profession.

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The IRS has a New Year's Gift for Employers
Remember how we've been saying for months that the IRS is supposed to issue a proposed regulation that outlines exactly how they envision the employer mandate provisions in the PPACA will work? Well, as a little New Year's present to companies with more than 50 full-time employees, here it is. For those of you who would prefer to read a summary, here is an overview from NAHU's retained counsel, Washington Counsel Ernst and Young...Read More

Dangling At the Edge of the Fiscal Cliff
The date of the great plunge has come and gone and at the last minute the House of Representatives and the Senate passed bills preventing the United States from falling off the fiscal cliff, at least temporarily. While the plan isn't exactly what either party wanted, a compromise was reached and a bill was passed...Read More

Health Care 2013: What to Look Out For
2012 was quite the year for healthcare with the Supreme Court upholding the individual mandate component of PPACA and the re-election of President Obama, which virtually secured the future of the healthcare reform law. While some of PPACA's reforms have already taken effect, we will begin to see even more as the year progresses. PPACA faced many challenges in 2012 and the outlook for 2013 is no different...Read More

All CMS got for Christmas was Thousands of Lousy Comment Letters
In fairness, they kind of asked for it by setting the comment deadline for musings about the proposed rules on essential health benefits, actuarial value, insurance market reforms and rate review as December 26, but NAHU and thousands of other organizations sent the CMS detailed regulatory comment letters for Christmas...Read More

This Week in Washington
While most of us are beginning to make our way back into the District following the holiday season, members of Congress may just be catching a break. After months of negotiations, a deal on the fiscal cliff was finally reached and those in Congress and in the White House may finally get some sleep...Read More


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